Do You Want Health And Wellness For You And Your Family?

Well, of course you do... who could ever say that they don't want to experience health and wellness along with those they care about most?

The REAL question is - how do you achieve health and wellness in a sustainable way?​

If we're being honest with each other, we must admit that our healthcare systems, in North America, especially, don't set us up for success. Truthfully, they're more of a sickness care model that essentially assumes that sickness and disease are inevitable. NOT an empowering belief, to be sure.​

​We believe that our bodies were designed to heal themselves and function optimally when we provide them with healthful inputs - foundational elements that include (in no particular order):

  • Positive thought patterns (mindfulness, gratitude, etc.)
  • Simple whole foods and water
  • Effective movement (including, but not limited to exercise)
  • Proactive self-care (chiropractic, massage, etc.)
  • Plant-based wellness solutions (essential oils)
  • Stress management
  • Reduced exposure to toxins

For many years we practiced only some of these foundational elements (most of the time). Not surprisingly, the quality of our health was not what it could have been. Can you relate?

Both Lisa and our son, Jonah struggled with anxiety and the disruptive digestive challenges that often surface when the body is in a constant state of stress. This virtually eliminated our ability to travel, and made any time away from home much more challenging than it should have been.

Meanwhile, the anxiety led to difficulty sleeping at night, and a complete lack of energy during the day. Then we added autoimmune challenges, general inflammation, and eventual food allergies. All of this, while we sought to eat healthy whole foods, exercise, and receive regular chiropractic care.

Fast forward to present day, and thankfully, things are [much] different. In addition to the practice of positive thought patterns, the most impactful step that we've taken toward our now healthful existence is the introduction of essential oils into our lives.

Initially, essential oils helped us contend with anxiety and digestive challenges (the 'big guns'). Though they still surface occasionally, it's very rare and minor, and, we now have natural solutions to help us deal. 

We've since also used essential oils to assist with seasonal allergies, tension headaches, 'monthly' challenges, and more. Essentially, our medicine cabinet got a serious makeover, and is now stocked with natural solutions that have NO negative side effects when used correctly, but actually have side BENEFITS instead.

Because of the incredible ways that our lives have been improved by essential oils, we now teach others how they can reduce their toxic load and use these plant-based solutions to experience health​ like never before.

SO - if you or those dearest to you have health challenges that you need to find natural solutions for, we have a FREE essential oil class for you. A whole lotta' education to leave you inspired and empowered to thrive. We'll even put on our science geek hats briefly to explain what makes essential oils so powerful and effective.

Simply scroll down now to register for our local classes in the Stratford, Ontario area, or our online class that you can literally attend in your pyjamas, if that's how you roll (we won't judge).

We look forward to seeing you in class!


Here's what you'll discover

Why essential oils are an optimal support for your family's wellness

How you can use essential oils most effectively and safely in your home

How to reduce the toxic load in your home and why its so critical to your family's health

The most cost-effective way to begin enjoying the benefits of essential oils in your home

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