The Story of One Wee Family


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Perhaps your story, like ours, is more 'winding road' than direct route. Whether that's true or not, you'll likely find glimpses of your own experience within our own.

We are Lisa and Jerry Banman, husband and wife, and forty-something parents of Jonah, our 15 year old son. He's all heart with a healthy side of sarcasm (no idea where that might have come from). Oh, and there's Bill the dog, our resident licker.

Quest vs. Calling

Between the two of us, we've dabbled or dived into a lengthy list of careers. Among them:

+     Interior Designer
+     Factory Production Manager
+     Professional Salesperson
+     Retail/Food Service Store Manager
+     Professor of Interior Design
+     Retail/Food Service District Manager
+     Architectural Designer

As diverse as that list is, do you know what every one of those 'jobs' have in common? We didn’t feel called to a single one of them. Nope. They were merely a required means to, what we thought, were desired ends. We considered them quests; careers to be conquered - more of a push from our competitive natures than the pull of creativity, infused with purpose.

Now, there's no upside to dwelling on the downside, so let’s just say that in the past we didn’t make decisions based on intentional values or an inspiring vision for our lives. Not shockingly, our results provided glaring evidence of our aimless indecision. We eventually experienced stifling debt, business failure, and finally, bankruptcy in 2002.

Lessons Learned

Despite past pains, it's clear to us now that our former experiences were necessary to deliver us to our current reality, and so we are grateful. We are grateful that our past challenges have prepared us to be receptive to a better way; a more productive, effective, and fulfilling way. We call it Pure + Simple Living, and though it has taken us some time to progress from our poor choices of the past, we are now learning, growing, and thankfully, thriving.

Ultimately we hope that our story; past, present, and future, will serve to INSPIRE AND EMPOWER YOU TO THRIVE - to help you enjoy a rich and rewarding life that's brimming with impact and fulfillment. May you transition from chaos to calm; from passive to purposeful.

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Warmest regards,

Lisa + Jerry